The SPEXX/SPSRX series of commercial combination extruded signs and

battery units features a fully modern appearance. The extruded aluminum

design provides for a rigid, durable and lightweight sign. Two PAR18 small

style, front mounted heads are standard, PAR36 large style or MR16 type

are optional.


  • LED ultra bright light source
  • 120/347VAC Input, field selectable
  • 1.9W power consumption for LED exit portion of combination sign
  • LED Emergency DC wattages as follows:
  • EXIT: 6VDC = 1W 2VDC = 1.4W SORTIE: 6VDC = 1.3W 12VDC = 1.4W

  • 6VDC or 12VDC emergency power output versions (as specified)
  • Wattage capacities from 36 to 72W
  • 30 minutes emergency power duration standard
  • Momentary push button test switch
  • Diagnostic/pilot LEDs for AC ON and CHARGE
  • Fully automatic, current limited charger
  • Line latched, low voltage protection
  • Solid state design and construction with brownout and short circuit protection
  • Temperature compensated
  • Maintenance free, sealed lead acid battery

  • Extruded aluminum construction exit sign
  • Slide in/out captive faceplate(s) and backplate for rapid and
  • simplified installation

  • Snap out directional chevrons/arrows
  • Universal spider knockout pattern stamped into backplate for junction
  • box mounting

  • Universal models include ceiling or end mount, field installable canopy
  • kit c/w spider plate

  • Multiple conduit entry knockouts
  • White powder coat finish standard, other finishes and colours optional
  • Front head mounting is standard, exit side mount is optional